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Art by Siera

Want your own customized piece by Siera?! 

She does commission pieces of any size and color combination.

Modern inspired geode resin art is perfect if you are looking for an original piece of luxury art designed for your home. I will work with you on sizing, colors & it's best to send photo's of the space along with your decor of the room.


My commission pieces start at $100-$2000.



Once I receive the colors and dimension you want, I will email about the sizing, price of the art, and the amount for shipping (unless you live local).

 I will sketch out your art and send you a picture of the geode. 

Large canvas will cost extra because I have them custom made (these can only be made in Denver for shipping reasons).

I require payment before the process begins to purchase the materials need.

All art requires 7-30 days to complete.


Please fill out the form below.

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