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Denver Art Classes

About The Artist

Drip Your Heart Out

Siera specializes in Geode Resin Art pieces. She is one of the first artists to host in-person art classes in the United States. With hundreds of people reaching out to her wanting to learn how to make this art, she decided it was time to teach people. Most art studios don't provide the supplies needed to do artwork. She keep the guess work out and provides her students everything necessary to succeed.

Denver Art Classes


Drip Your Heart Out - Resin Art Classes in Denver, you will no longer do you have to search several sites to learn how to make geode resin art. This class will teach you:

  • The supplies needed to get started

  • How to prep your canvas

  • How to prep your gems and color combos

  • The basics of using resin

  • Mistakes to avoid that can cause your art to become ruined

  • How to use a heat gun

  • The finish touches

The best part is you get to take your piece home after 48 hours of curing!  Request a party or a private session today!

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